Waiker’s AI ‘Seohakgaemi-Bot’ celebrates 1 year of unparalleled speed and accuracy exceeding 11.2M views

Dec 31, 2022 by Waiker, Inc.
Waiker’s AI reporter, ‘Seohakgaemi-Bot’, marks its one-year anniversary, continuing to provide real-time, AI-generated articles on a variety of topics, including daily market conditions, earnings reports, changes in beneficial ownership, to assist Chosun Ilbo readers in making informed US stock investment decisions. Over the past year, Seohakgaemi-Bot has surpassed 11.2 million cumulative page views, publishing an average of 204 articles per day on the topics mentioned. Considering that all articles are written without any human intervention, the achievement is even more remarkable. Unlike South Korean filings, SEC filings are non-standardized, making it a challenging task to identify key information. Which varies in format by company, disclosure type, and period. Moreover, it makes it more difficult for non-English speaking countries to interpret. Thus, investors in the US stock market require significant expertise and time to acquire such information and data. However, with continuous advancments on its AI machine reading and natural language processing technology, Waiker AI technology swiftly and accurately collects and analyzes non-structured information, providing customized content to Chosun Ilbo. Seohakgaemi- Bot takes just 8 seconds to extract core information using AI and distribute it as an article immediately after disclosures are registered on the SEC. Notably, the entire process is automated without human intervention. Not only for readers, but Seohakgaemi-Bot also provides added value to news reporters covering the US stock market. The solution enables news reporters to focus on understanding in-depth investment insights and trends using conveniently acquired information. Exempting the time to search and acquire the information needed for their insights. Seohakgaemi-Bot has numerous instances of reporting major cases first in the world, even faster than global media outlets like Bloomberg. In fact, it has consistently attracted attention from domestic and foreign media outlets and securities firms through cases like reporting Elon Musk’s Tesla share sale and SoftBank’s Coupang share sale. Waiker plans to introduce AI global stock market news article service which covers more diverse and rich range of stock market content through Seohakgaemi-bot. Furthermore, Waiker aims to expand their services globally, supplying economic and financial media content and engaging in joint businesses for AI-driven content projects, all in pursuit of customer success.