Waiker honored at the 2022 Korea Technology Patent Awards by KIPI

Aug 30, 2022 by Waiker, Inc.
Waiker, an AI global stock market data startup, has been recognized at the 2022 Korea Technology Patent Awards, issued by the Korea Intellectual Property Information Institute (KIPI). Waiker won the award with its ‘Integrated Model and Apparatus Extracting Information from Documents Using Artificial Intelligence.’ The award aims to recognize outstanding patent technologies in South Korea and encourage successful commercialization of products and companies. The best technology patent is ultimately selected in each field through a rigorous evaluation process by the judging panel. Waiker stood out among fierce competition having the honor to win the 2022 Korea Technology Patent Award. With its accumulated expertise in AI natural language processing, Waiker holds 15 technology patents as an AI global stock market data startup. Its AI technologies in natural language processing, machine comprehension, big data engineering, and data mining have earned the company this prestigious award. Waiker has built a database of over 70,000 listed companies worldwide using AI technology. To elaborate, disclosures of US-listed companies are not standardized, which varies in format by company, type of disclosure, and period. Even professionals in the related field struggle to verify necessary information from US disclosure materials. Furthermore, even traditional giants in the stock market data industry like Bloomberg manually process some data inefficiently. Leading to frequent errors of the data. However, Waiker’s AI technology overcomes such challenges by leveraging its proprietary AI technology to provide customers with timely and accurate investment information and data. The AI processes significant information from the filings and automatically collects and builds its database. Based on its ongoing research and development efforts, Waiker offers customized services by providing a tailored US market database for their clients. Its services include a real-time articles written by AI, and newsletters into forms of client’s request. The company plans to continuously enhance its services to support customers’ success. Waiker’s ultimate goal is to provide their customers with an “exceptional data experience” beyond simple stock market data and investment information for customer success. In addition to fast and accurate data, the company implements explicit user experience and user interfaces (UX/UI), offering customized services to meet the diverse needs of securities firms, asset management companies, and other stock market data demand companies.