Waiker AI ‘Seohakgaemi-bot’ reports SoftBank-Coupang stock sales over 48 hours ahead

Mar 15, 2022 by Waiker, Inc.
Waiker’s artificial intelligence (AI) global stock market reporter, ‘Seohakgaemi-Bot’, supplied to Chosun Ilbo, made a groundbreaking report on March 12, 2022, revealing the stake sale by SvF Investments UK Ltd, a corporation owning more than 10% of the e-commerce company Coupang, marking a world-first in reporting this significant market event. SoftBank, which has been recording its worst-ever losses, has drawn global attention to stock investors due to is agressive cash-raising measures through stock sales. The Vision Fund has been reducing its investment capacity recently as its investment returns deteriorated last year. Waiker AI reported the news of the disclosure on March 12 at 7:03 KST. On the other hand, South Korean media outlet Maeil Business Newspaper reported it on March 14 at 17:56 KST, and Bloomberg reported it at 13:29 KST on March 14. Thus, Waiker AI reported over 48 hours earlier than the media outlets. Accounting an 8.02% drop of Coupang’s stock during the period. ‘Seohakgaemi-Bot’ is a service provided to readers through a collaboration between AI global stock market data startup Waiker and Chosun Ilbo. It automatically collects and analyzes data listed in disclosures about various topics, such as earnings announcements and changes in beneficial ownership. Which is done completely automatically by AI and provided in real-time. Meanwhile, the disclosure of changes in beneficial ownership of Coupang indicates that on March 9, 2022, the UK SoftBank Vision Fund indirectly sold $1.044 billion worth of Class A common shares, 50 million shares at $20.87 per share, through a trust agreement. Consequently, the UK SoftBank Vision Fund now holds a total of 461,564,413 Class A common shares of Coupang.