KBS and Waiker Pioneer Live Broadcast on US Stock Analysis based on AI LLM

Oct 06, 2023 by Waiker, Inc.
Since June 1, Waiker has been providing its AI content and technology to KBS (Korean National Broadcasting), the leading broadcasters in South Korea. KBS has been live broadcasting U.S. stock news through the ‘Market Now’ one of the news corners of Newsline W, utilizing Waiker’s technology since June 1. Aiming to assist the investment decision-making of Korean viewers who invests in US stocks, Market Now has approached a maximum of daily viewership up to 700,000. Waiker, leading in R&D of AI natural language processing technology specialized in stock market data, has secured numerous domestic and international clients, executing projects and being recognized for its potential. The sLLM (Specialized Large Language Model) developed through Waiker’s R&D swiftly and accurately analyzes valuable unstructured information related to the global stock market, converting it into a DB and generating it according to its customer needs. Its capability to meticulously mine quality data and utilize text-generative AI technology is establishing a unique position based on years of sustained taxonomy and semantic DB construction achievements. KBS validated the integrity and broadcast suitability of real-time major U.S. stock market events, economic indicators, indices, trading volume trends, and quotes using Waiker’s solution. The broadcast also covers insider trading of listed companies, earnings announcements, major contracts and management matters, and IB investment opinions. The U.S. stock market, where Korean investors continue an annual net purchase of approximately KRW 6 trillion, presents investors with challenges in accessing necessary information due to language and time barriers. Particularly, KBS planned the broadcast to solve such difficulties of finding meaningful information amidst a flood of data using Waiker’s solution. The US stock market is known for its abundance in market-friendly policies, capital raising capabilities, and liquidity. Followed by industrial competitiveness and growth momentum of the listed companies. Which engaged worldwide investors including Europe, China, and Japan to actively involve and share the company’s growth. While Korea’s representative index, KOSPI, has risen by an annual average of about 0.8% since the beginning of 2012, the S&P500 has risen by an annual average of about 17%, highlighting the profit and stock price growth of companies. Which demonstrates purchasing US stocks has the effect of holding the safe asset group and providing a certain hedge effect when the value of risk asset group stocks falls as it is consists by dollars. ‘Market Now’ is broadcast on KBS 1TV at 10:55 PM on Mondays and 10:50 PM from Tuesday to Friday on NewslineW, offering viewers investment insights into U.S. economic and industrial trends.